CA Legal News Briefs

Gov. Vetoes Ban on Debit Card Fees

Early Wednesday, Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger vetoed a ban on debit card fees. The consumer protection measure would have prevented merchants from charging users a fee when using a debit card.

Although supported by consumer groups and VISA, was opposed by a growing number of business groups, and small business owners who are subject to “swipe” fee charges by VISA and other payment companies every time a patron uses a debit card.

Full SFGate article

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Gov. Signs Law Requiring Free Water w. Meals at Schools

In the fight against childhood obesity, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed a law requiring free water to be made available where food is served in schools. The law will take effect in January of 2011 and schools will have until July 2011 to comply.

Full NPR article

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Gov. names Angela Bradstreet Superior Court Judge

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Angela Bradstreet, the state’s labor commissioner and a longtime advocate for women’s rights and the rights of gays and lesbians, to the San Francisco Superior Court on Tuesday.
Full SFGate article

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Gov. Signs Community College Transfer Bill into Law

Wednesday morning, Gov. Schwarenegger signed into a law a bill that allows community college students with a C – average or better, guaranteed admission into the California State University System beginning next fall.

Under the new law, public community colleges will also be required to offer associate degrees made up only of courses acceptable for transfer. Currently, students at the two-year schools are often confused about what courses are transferable. While they need only 60 units to transfer, studies show that students complete an average of 80 units, many of them nontransferable. “
The goal is to simply the process, cut costs and prevent the CSU system from adding course requirements beyond the 60 units needed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.
Full SFGate Article

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