Things you should know

Did you know that San Jose State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Library, located down the street at 4th and San Fernando, hosts a depository for government publications?

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library is one of over 1,300 libraries in the United States designated as a federal depository library. The library joined the depository program in 1962 and serves California’s 16th U.S. Congressional District.

As part of the merger between the university and the San Jose Public Library System, non-students can now access the government publications, as well as check them out for the standard 3 week period. All you need is a regular San Jose Public library card to gain access to the materials.

The government publications are located on the lower level in the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in the Periodicals section. Government publications have their own special classification scheme, SuDocs, and will not be shelved with other library materials. You can find pamphlets, congressional hearings, videos, cds, bookmarks and more.

You can access the library’s government publications page here. You can search documents that are local, federal, state, international, census, and current topics.

How to search for Govt. Publications via the SJSU library catalog:

1. Go to the Advanced Search page

2. Type in your search criteria under “any field”

3. Narrow the location to “SJSU” and Govt. Publications to the appropriate topic.

4. Press the “Submit” button.


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