New US Code Title

Via Barco 2.0, there is a new US Code Title, Title 51: “National and Commercial Space Programs.” While the new title is available on Lexis, it has not been added to Westlaw as of yet. The new title, Public Law 111-314, was signed by President Obama on Dec. 18th, 2010. The Office of the Law Revision Counsel has a page explaining the law.

Code 51 is not new law, it is actually a re-organization of previous codes. According to the Title 51 Codification page:

In the United States Code, some of these provisions appeared in title 15 (Commerce and Trade), some in title 42 (The Public Health and Welfare), and some in title 49 (Transportation). No distinct title for national and commercial space programs existed in the United States Code because the organizational scheme for the Code was originally established in 1926, before such programs were contemplated.


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