JD Match

Fresh out of law school and looking for a job? JD Match, although still in its infant stages is a new online service looking to match law students with law firms that might want to hire them. The site was created by law-firm consultant and blogger of Adam Smith, Esq., Bruce MacEwan.

According to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

It’ll work like this: law students will pay $99 per recruiting season to sign up. From there, they’ll upload their information, including a resume, etc., and will then rank the law firms they’d like to work for. On the other end, the firms will rank students who’ve signed up.

Then comes “match day.” Using a “proprietary algorithm,” the service will match the firms and students based on their own preferences. Matches will be run three times during the recruiting period: in August, September and again in October.

Already, the service has landed one large firm: K&L Gates. The firm will use JD Match to help recruit summer associate positions this fall.

Once matched with a law firm, there is no obligation to work with that firm and students will still have face to face interviews. The overall hiring process will not change dramatically, but this will introduce law school graduates to new law firms they might not be aware of.


One Response to JD Match

  1. Hi –
    Thanks for the piece on JD Match. I did want to clarify one thing; JD Match is intended to help students who are still in school. The first recruiting season we’re addressing is this Fall’s 2L recruiting season. 1Ls and 3Ls will be added next year. That said, being able to help recent grads is appealing to us and we will explore how to execute that.
    Janet Stanton
    JD Match

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