Google Search Tips & Tricks

Whether you are using Google to research a paper, define a word, or locate the best new restaurant in your town, these tricks are some of the most valuable ways to make sure that your Google results page is filled with accurate and relevant links, helping shorten your search time.

“ ” for an exact phrase

Use quotation marks around the phrase you are searching. Search results will bring back websites that use that exact phrase.

~  for similar words

Use the ~ symbol to search for a word and its synonyms. A search for ~car, will bring results for car, auto, van, etc.

… for a numerical range

Use the … to search for a range between numbers. A search for Bill Clinton 1992…2000 will bring results on Bill Clinton during his presidency.


Use Google as a dictionary to define a word or phrase.

1 + 1

Use Google for quick math solutions. You can also conduct convert units of measure in the Google Search box.

These same tools can be used on most academic databases, particularly Westlaw Databases. Use in conjunction with the Advanced Search settings for an even more refined search with the highest number of accurate results.


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