When To NOT use a Google Search Engine

via LifeHacker.com

When Not to Google: Searches You’re Better Off Making Somewhere Else by Kevin Purdy

Recently, there was a fantastic post by Kevin Purdy on Lifehacker.com about the variety of search engines available online apart from the go-to Google. Purdy’s article provides great examples of searches conducted in Google and the alternative search engines, as well as providing background information on the individual search engines.

The search engines highlighted in the article are:

  • DuckDuckGo – which does not track your searches “We don’t track you!” is highlighted on their website.
  • Blekko – Blekko narrows the search and the results are usually ad-free. (non sponsored links)
  • Wolfram Alpha – For Data and statistics, and general questions that you wanted answered in numerical form. The example given in the article is “how likely is the average United Airlines flight was on time versus Southwest Airlines?” Rather than returning a document with “United v. Southwest” in the title, you can pull results for statistical data.
  • Bing – Microsoft’s search engine

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