Lincoln Law School of San Jose Graduation

Graduation is only a hop, skip and a jump away for the fourth years at Lincoln Law School of San Jose. This year we are honored to have two highly regarded keynote speakers.

Pamela Simmons, Law professor, Lincoln Law School of San Jose alumni, and attorney for Simmons and Purdy in the fields of: Mortgage Law Lending, Real Estate Law and Taxation Law.


Ro KhannaRo Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Domestic Operations for the US & Commercial Service at the US Department of Commerce.

Mr. Khanna was appointed by President Obama and is responsible for overseeing the domestic operions of 109 U.S. Export Assistance Centers operating in 48 states.

Graduation reminders

  1. The graduation ceremony and reception is closed to the general public. Invitation tickets are required for admission.
  2. Commencement will begin promptly at 11am at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.
  3. Graduates are advised to arrive early and dressed in cap & gown to expedite the prep time before the ceremony begins.

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