Zimmerman’s Research Guide

Zimmerman's Research GuideRun by LexisNexis and created by Andrew Zimmerman, the Zimmerman Research Guide is a free, online encyclopedia for legal research. Inspired by a “black book” of accumulated information kept by a law librarian, Zimmerman began keeping track of his own accumulated wealth of knowledge until he had enough to begin his research guide. The guide is a collaborative project and Zimmerman is accepting contributions.

You can either search by topic or by clicking on a letter to scan through the alphabet. The entries are detailed and grouped by material type. One example of the entry for Bankruptcy has the following sub-topics with definitions:

  1. Case Law
  2. Docket Sheet
  3. Filings
  4. Financing Agreements
  5. Forms
  6. History
  7. Laws
  8. News
  9. Rankings
  10. Reports
  11. Rules
  12. Statistics
  13. Troubled Companies and
  14. Treatises.

About the creator:

Andrew Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman has over ten years of research experience in large law firms including Dewey Ballantine LLP, Proskauer Rose LLP and Arter & Hadden LLP. He previously worked as a legal writer in the Tax and Professional Practice division of Prentice Hall and served as Associate Editor of The Manhattan Review. He holds a B.A. (English) from Vassar College, a J.D. from The Dickinson School of Law and an M.L.I.S from the Pratt Institute.


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