Homeland Security Self-Study Courses

The Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security offers non-credit, self-study courses online. These courses are developed by the NPS CHDS teaching faculty and are derived from course content (lecture material and course readings) from the Center’s homeland security master’s degree curriculum. The courses, offered at no cost, are designed for homeland defense and security professionals who wish to enhance their understanding of key homeland security concepts and require the flexibility of self-paced instruction. NPS does not provide graduate credit for the courses; however, participants are encouraged to check with their professional associations regarding continuing education units/credits. Upon completing each course, participants can download a record of completion. (Center for Homeland Security)

Although these courses not available for the general public, the lectures for research method are available on the site’s Education Resources Page.

Six self-study courses are currently available online:

  1. Terrorist Financing and State Response
  2. Intelligence for Homeland Security: Organizational and Policy Challenges
  3. Homeland Security in Israel
  4. The Global Jihadi Threat
  5. Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
  6. Technology for Homeland Security: Inspection and Detection Technologies

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