Using Westlaw Next

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with your designated username and password in the Onepass fields
  3. Click WestlawNext in the top menu bar
  4. Your Westlaw Next session should open in a new bar

Take a few moments to review the page and familiarize yourself with the settings. That that searches can be conducted by general topics, rather than specific sources. You can search all content, federal materials, state materials, etc. Click to preferences to for searches, citations and more.

The search box is similar to the Google searching experience. There is a single search box where you can type in any key phrases, citations, authors, etc. Click on Advanced Search for more specific and accurate results. In the advanced search fields, you can limit the jurisdiction and specify contents of documents returned. For better search results, use the Boolean search connectors “&, or, /s” for exact matches.

For more detailed information on Westlaw Next and its searching capabilities, stop by the library to pick up the tutorial manual on the reference desk. Spend some time searching the website and experiment with the different fields and search options to maximize your searching efficiency and abilities.


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