Free Legal Web

Freelegalweb is a UK-based website that aims to promote and provide legal resources, commentary and analysis for the general public. The site currently has three main blogs: Criminal Law, FreeLegalWeb, and Housing Law. Keep in mind that the laws and resources on this site are UK laws.

The site was initiated by Nick Homes of infolaw.

Right now there are 2 main elements of the website.


There is a search bar for publicly accessible laws and resources, as well as a comprehensive hyperlink of subjects divided into Primary Legislation and Court Cases.


The project aims to link its articles to primary law resources, maintain a comprehensive citations database that is automatically updated from free resources, and provide a Citator. Participants can contribute articles which explain the law. There are a number of ways to participate in this collaborative website:

  • Write articles about the law or share your existing articles via RSS. Register.
  • Post your views about the project to the FreeLegalWeb blog. Register.
  • Post your comments about particular articles in the comments section for the article.
  • Help classify resources.
  • Attend a meeting. Occasionally we hold public meetings for those interested in progressing the project.
  • Help us by providing financial support to fund further development. More about sponsoring the project.
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends, blog about the project, follow us on Twitter @freelegalweb.
  • Volunteer to help in other ways. We’d like help spreading the word, raising funds etc. If you can help email

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