Google Search + Your World

Earlier this week, Google launched a new feature to their search engine which brings search results from your social network (namely Google+). Results will include pages from Google+ friends, photos, likes, etc. These personalized results will show up along with other webpage results. The change in results applies to anyone who signs in with their Google account before beginning a search. If you don’t sign in, you won’t see any personalized results.

Google does give you the option to turn off the personalized search results.

  • Go to the Google Homepage
  • Look for the icon in the top right-hand corner of the cog-wheel.
  • Click on the icon,
  • Click the search settings link.
  • When you are in the search settings, scroll towards the bottom of the page to the section titled Personal Results.
  • Click Do Not Use Personalized Results.
  • And remember to save your preferences.

This is one way to protect your online privacy as well as to ensure that your search results are relevant to your query.

Likewise, you can also opt out of Google Ads that often show up on the right-hand panel of the results page.


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