Online Searching – Legal Edition

Online search engines and Wikipedia seem to be the go-to locations for quick research queries. For research purposes, I must nudge you towards your nearest library’s database subscriptions for comprehensive, peer-reviewed and reliable results.

If you don’t have access to Westlaw, or LexisNexis, and insist on searching with a general online search engine, then try one of these for a more specialized searching experience.

  • Google Scholar  www. – You can use Google Scholar to research case law and scholarly literature for free.
  • Law Crawler – is a valuable resource for legal professionals. Their search engine, Law Crawler, can help you search for legal information.
  • MetaCrawler – As a meta search engine, one search query will bring back results from multiple search engines simultaneously.

Also, explore one of these general legal research websites:

  • All Law – Contains a national lawyer directory, legal research center, as well as downloadable forms & applications.
  • Find Law – A legal research center for legal professionals. Search for cases, contracts, articles, codes, etc.
  • Heiros Gamos – Global legal resources. Search for jobs, law firm directories, international and national legal guides, and legal publications.
  •– Law & Technology for Legal Professionals. Search for court rules, forms & dockets, search for legal articles or submit an article for review.

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