Online LL.M. in Taxation

Boston University has recently made their LLM program available through an through online, interactive instruction for lawyers seeking an advanced degree in tax law. The course can be completed in either four 16-week sessions of part-time study or over the course of four years. Note that the online program is currently pending acquiescence from the American Bar Association. There is currently no information regarding tuition or fees on the website.

The online program option’s comprehensive course of study is taught by the same experienced faculty from BU Law’s  traditional, residential tax program option.  As a result, you will not only master the fundamental concepts of tax law, you will also develop a practical understanding of how tax issues are handled in real-world settings.

Most important, at the end of your studies, you will join the ranks of more than 3000 accomplished alumni, whose careers have been enhanced by the highly valued credential of an LL.M. in Taxation from BU Law.

Who Should Attend

BU Law’s Graduate Tax Program’s online option is designed for domestic and foreign-trained lawyers who seek:

  • A fundamental understanding of the practical application of tax theory
  • Enhanced knowledge of tax law that enables them to better serve their clients or their employer
  • Specialized training that can lead to an expanded client base
  • Intensive training in tax that supports a desired change in one’s legal career
  • An advanced law degree that is highly valued by employers

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