Court Reporter Fee Increase – Santa Clara County

Atorneys appearing at the Santa Clara County Superior Courthouse will now have to pay a Court Reporter Fee after every court appearance.

  • $30    – Less than 1 hour
  • $245  – 1 to 4 hours
  • $490  – Full day’s proceedings

The fee is divided equally among all sides and is due at the end of any proceeding.  The fee applies to all civil matters, including family and probate.

The new fee is the result of the passage of SB 1021. The bill amended Government Code section 68086(a)(1) to provide:

(A) For each proceeding lasting less than one hour, a fee of thirty dollars ($ 30) shall be charged for the reasonable cost of the services of an official court reporter pursuant to Section 269 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

In compliance with this new law, the Santa Clara County Superior Court has printed forms to drop off with your check in a drop box at the lobby at 191 N. First Street.

Reporter Fee Notice – Download (.pdf) >


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