Who do you side with during this year’s Presidential election? is a website created by 2 friends with opposing political views  and “is not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or interest group.”  The quiz is made up of 34 questions covered in 8 of the most talked about issues: Social, Environmental, Economic, Science, Immigration, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, and Domestic Policy. Each question is a simple Yes, No, or Choose Another Stance answer. The only issue I thought was missing was Religion. That is as much a hot-topic issue as the rest.

Although the questions are very bare-bones and don’t go into much depth, the results are interesting. Although much of what I predicted for results came true, parts of it surprised me. At the very least, this survey can help you align yourself on side or the other of all the political issues when it comes time to debate. See which Presidential candidate, political party you are most similar too. You can also see what State has the same viewpoints as you, and how you compare on a national scale.


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