Social Media and Politics – The Twitter Political Index

For the media-wary tech-savvy folk online, Twitter has introduced a new medium towards understanding which presidential candidate is favored for a win.

As of today, Twitter is launching a new tool to sort through over 400  million tweets a day from 140 million active daily users. The Twitter Political Index is a daily assessment of how Twitter users feel about the candidates. Twitter is working with Topsy Analytics to compile the data for the Political Index. The index is also built with the partnership of two Democratic and Republican polling groups: The Mellman Group & North Star Opinion Research. The Political Index tracks user sentiments towards the two candidate dating back to May 1st.

How it works:

Topsy calculates the daily Index for each of the presidential candidates taking into account both the mentions of the candidate’s last name (i.e. ‘obama’ and ‘romney’) and any direct mentions of the candidate’s official Twitter account (i.e. @barackobama and @mittromney). The Twitter Political Index values are shown beneath each candidate in the screen shot below, ranging from 0 to 100.


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