Election Day 2012 – Time to do your homework

The 2012 Presidential selection is only 47 days away. It will be held on Tuesday November 6th.

If you’re not prepared, here are some resources to help you make the key decisions that impact the state and its residents.

Register to vote

Starting today, California residents can register to vote online. Sen. Leland Yee authored the bill in 2011. For those have an electronic signiture on file with the DMV will be able to transfer their voter registration form electronically to county elections officials from the secretary of state’s website. Prior to this change, residents had to mail in the registration form. All voter registration forms must be turned in (by mail or electronically) by Oct 22nd in order to be eligible for the November election.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/California-voters-may-now-register-online-3876090.php#ixzz26wMQA7BM

Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures

Do you know what is going to be on the ballot this year besides Romney and Obama? The CA Secretary of State website offers a breakdown of the various propositions and measures for the state.

Voting in Santa Clara County

The County of Santa Clara website has clear instructions and information regarding the 2012 election. Check the website for information regarding early voting times, candidate and measure information, among other resources. Starting Oct. 1st, you will be be able to locate your polling place on the website as well.

League of Women Voters of California

The League of Women Voters of California have all the same information as the websites above with a few extras. One of which is a PDF of the Pros & Cons of the statewide ballot measures.

These resources are filled with all the pertinent information to help you make the right decision for yourself, your city, county and state in November.


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