Lathom & Watkins Book of Jargon & Legal Presentations

New York law firm, Latham & Watkins LLP, has published a series of practice area-specific glosseries that can be beneficial to law school students and recent law graduates.  These books are meant to aid members of the financial community in understanding terminology related to banking, capital markets and project finance. These searchable books can be viewed online as PDFs or downloaded as iPhone apps.

Available titles include:

European Capital Markets and Bank Finance 
An Online Glossary of European-Specific Corporate Finance and Banking Terms

Global Restructuring
The Latham & Watkins Glossary of Global Restructuring Terminology

US Corporate and Bank Finance
An Online Glossary of Corporate and Bank Finance Slang and Terminology

US Project Finance
An Online Glossary of Project Development, Acquisition and Finance Slang and Terminology

You can also view a series of presentations on various financial law topics. These presentations download as either PDFs or Power Points.  You can either browse through the listing, or search for specific topics, narrowing your search by selecting:

  • Industry
  • Practice
  • Region
  • Office
  • Date Range

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