2012 Election Results

Last night was full of surprises and suspense as the nation watched for results on not only the presidential race, but also for many state and local measures as well.

President Obama was re-elected last night with a grand total of 303 electoral votes, to Mitt Romney’s 206 electoral votes. You can see the state-wide breakdown in the map below. The GOP retains control of the House, while the Democrats retained their 23 open seats as well as gaining  a few more.
  • Other national issues of note: Both Washington and Colorado state have fully legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Massachusetts joined 18 other states in allowed legalized use of medicinal marijuana.
  • Maine, Maryland and Washington have passed marriage equality amendments to their state constitutions. Minnesota is also a victory for the LGBT community when a measure to ban gay-marriage was rejected by the voters. Wisconsin also made history by electing its first openly gay senator, Tammy Baldwin.
  • California also had a number of measures to consider, both statewide as well as regionally.
You see all the results on the Secretary of State’s website.
You can view election results for Santa Clara County on the county website. As for San Jose, the city will be increasing its minimum wage to $10.oo an hour, after Measure D passed by 58.8%.

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