WestlawNext Tools – Fifty State Surveys

Although it may seem daunting, WestlawNext is full of gems of information to help you get through your studies and research papers.

One of these tools is the Fifty State Surveys: Regualtions & Statutes. You can search for it by keyword search, or going through the Secondary Sources section of the WestlawNext search engine.

What is it and how can you use it? (Italics and boldface have been added by me)

This subscription provides access to topical surveys of state regulations and references to the full text of the regulations plus references to the applicable state statutes. Topics covered include blue sky law, business organizations, criminal law, election law, education, employment, environmental law, family law, financial services, gaming, government, health care, insurance, real property, taxation, transportation, and utilities/telecommunications. Each survey summarizes a legal topic and suggests factors to consider in analyzing the regulations.

Many surveys include an easy-to-read PDF table that provides state-by-state comparisons of key legal issues. Statutory references include the National Survey of State Laws,5th; the Legal Research Center’s multi-jurisdictional surveys; and West surveys.

Search for your own amusement, or for a research paper to see how the same law compares in all fifty states. Maybe you want to check out Election Law, if that’s on your mind, or climate control laws, etc.  Limit your searches to either of the two fields:

General topics include:


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