ADR Clausebuilder

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The American Arbitration Association has launched ClauseBuilder, a web-based tool designed to assist individuals and organizations develop clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements. At this time, the ClauseBuilder is limited to providing assistance with commercial arbitration and mediation clauses, although it should have more options in the future.

This site provides the AAA’s standard arbitration agreement, as well as a variety of options, including specifying the number of arbitrators; arbitrator qualifications; locale provisions; governing law; the duration of arbitration proceedings; and whether to use arbitration, mediation, or both.

Clausebuilder is free to use. You do don’t need to register in order to use the site, although registering will help you keep track of the clauses that you create with the tool.

When you start a clause, you

  1. “select the nature of the contract or dispute type”
  2. decide to submit a current or future dispute to arbitration
  3. Select the clause you would like to create
  4. Then select a number of factors to help create or modify the clause: Number of Arbitrators, Locale Provisions, Governing Law, and more.

When you are done, you can view the final product. From there you can copy and paste it, download it, print it or save it on the ClauseBuilder site for future reference.


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