3 Ways to Share Multiple Links

Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers recommends 3 Ways To Quickly Share Bunches of Links With Your Students. His resources include:

With Bundlenut, you simply enter all the links that you wish to send to your group. Then Bundlenut will assign a unique URL for the bunch. Anyone with access to that URL can see your links and comments. Registration isn’t required, but it is useful in keeping track of past links.LinkBunch is another free service. You enter all the links you want to share, hit “Bunch” and are then given a URL to share with your group, similar to Bundlenut.

Bitly is a URL shortener, and you must first sign-in/sign-up in order to use the site. If you use the bookmarklet feature, you can customize URLs, and track statistics about the use of your links. Bitly offers an option for bundling bookmarks into one package that you can share with just one link. Another unique element of Bitly is that the bundles can be created collaboratively if you invite other Bitly users to bundle links with you.

Of the three, Linkbunch has the simplest user-interface. You just list your links in a box and hit “Bunch.” Bundlenut has you go through a series of steps to create your links, but is also relatively easy to use. Here are some sample links created with each site:

Bundlenut – http://www.bundlenut.com/b/854040

Linkbunch – http://linkbun.ch/ndt4


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