WordRake Editing Program for Lawyers

A new year means a new set of classes with a new set of essays and papers to submit. This year, make things a little bit easier on your professors by implementing a new Microsoft editing program created specifically for lawyers, called WordRake.

The primary function of the program is to “rake” your documents in search of unnecessary and obtuse words, offering modifications to improve the clarity and concision of the text.

You can experiment with a 3 day trial, or purchase one of the three plans for the program.  The one year plan is $99, the two year plan is $178 and the three year plan is $237 (which boils down to $79 a year when you purchase the 3 year plan).

If you don’t want to purchase the program, but are still interested in learning how to improve your legal writing, you can sign-up for the site’s free weekly writing tips.

This entire concept has been created by the New York Times bestselling author of Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, and lawyer Gary Kinder.

Is this the program for you? Read the review and implementation of the program from lawyer and writer Robert Ambrogi.


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