FastCase citation fuction now alerts you to bad laws.

Legal research service Fastcase’s citator function, called Authority Check, lets you see how a case has been cited. Unlike Shepard’s from LexisNexis or KeyCite from Thomson Reuters, however, it has not alerted you when a case is no longer good law, until recently. They recently rolled out Bad Law Bot, an enhancement to Authority Check that now identifies cases that have been reversed or overturned. While Shepard’s and KeyCite use editors to track and note the bad case laws, Bad Law Bot uses an algorithm to track the changes, so they may not be as accurate or up-to-date as the latter two resources.

When the bot identifies an overturned or reversed case, it will be flagged with a red flag in the search results and in the full view of the case.

Fastcase is available as a member benefit through many bar associations (California not being one of them) and also on a subscription basis ($695 – 995/yr).


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