Free Legal Webinars/Online Classes

One of the best ways to supplement what you are learning in your classes and from your texts are to watch webinars that help illustrate or bring to life aspects of a subject that can be easily glossed over, or missed. These three resources offer free webinars on legal topics that are great resources for both law students and legal professionals.

California Employment Law – Free Webinars – Miller Law Group

Legal Research Webinars – Fastcase

Legal Research Video Tutorials – University of Cincinatti College of Law

In addition to the free webinars, there are also number of legal education resources out there, especially for those of you not taking any summer courses but still itching for some legal coursework.

The Law of the European Union: An Introduction – Coursera (5 weeks, start date 6/10/2013)

Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy – Coursera (6 weeks, start date 8/30/2013)

A simple search for “law” or “legal” on the website SkilledUp will provide you with nearly 100 free talks, lectures, and course materials with no registration dates or deadlines. You can download course materials, and listen to pre-recorded lectures and read handouts at your own pace.


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