Advice for Entering 1Ls

August 1, 2013

There are a number of resources out there for entering law students, some of it contradictory. Below is a selection of useful, and sometimes funny, advice from legal professors and professionals for 1Ls newly starting law school. Use your judgment and follow the path that best suits you and your learning/studying style.

Make sure to check out our past post for good online resources for conducting your legal research. Online Searching – Legal Edition.

  1. The Economy is Terrible.
  2. You Are Enrolled in “Job-Hunting and the Law.”
  3. It’s Your Money and Your Degree.
  4. Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Arrested.
  5. Stop Worrying About Competitive Advantage.
  6. Legal Research and Writing is Your Most Important Class.
  7. Find Your Own Way to Find Joy in Law School.
  8. Don’t Hate Shortcuts But Don’t Make Law School All About Them Either.
  9. Use Clinics and Adjuncts.
  1. Experiment with study techniques
  2. Don’t worry too much about how others answer questions in class
  3. Be careful about getting wrapped up in ‘law school high’
  4. Law school supplements are not like steroids, you are encouraged to use them to understand the material
  5. It’s okay to be a passive member, and free lunch never tasted so good
  1. Get to know your classmates. Some will be your friends for life.
  2. Coursework: Legal Writing is the most important class you will ever take.
  3. The Law Library and Legal Research: Harnessing a 17th century skill in a 21st century box.
  4. Career Services: Use your time wisely.
  1. Have fun with family and friends this summer…
  2. Read voraciously
  3. Read one or two books on academic success by academic support professionals or law professors
  4. Visit a courtroom
  5. Evaluate your motivation for going to law school
  6. Evaluate your readiness to study long hours
  7. Evaluate your time wasters
  8. Have a realistic financial plan
  9. Talk with your family and friends about the demands of your upcoming law school life
  10. Get on a regular 8-hour sleep schedule now

Remember that the law library is also great resource for you. Get together with a study group or  study alone at a big table, use our books and databases, and talk to a reference librarian whenever you’d like some research pointers.