Case Annotation for Lawyers & Law Students

There are two new websites with similar purposes for lawyers (CaseText) and law students (LearnLeo).

casetext logo Case Annotation for Lawyers (CaseText) and Law Students (LearnLeo)As Bob Ambrogi points out, Casetext is a crowdsourced caselaw annotation website that is mainly effective when people use it. By people, I mean lawyers with relevant work experience. Its like a Wikipedia for caselaw. Since anybody can made citations on Wikipedia, you should probably take those with a grain of salt. Users can annotate cases by tagging them or adding notes.

tutorial 3 300x193 Case Annotation for Lawyers (CaseText) and Law Students (LearnLeo)

LearnLeo is a website for case briefing tips for law students. They have a new feature that allows law students to mark up cases to turn them into case briefs. Unlike Casetext, these annotations are kept private. Although this may be useful in a pinch, remember that doing case briefs by hand, or summarizing them in a way most useful to you is the best way to learn them.

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